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Your Source for Japanese and Korean Entertainment Goods

EASYBREEZY; Your Source for JPOP & KPOP Ent.
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Welcome to EasyBreezy! A sales / preorder journal for all things Johnny's Entertainment and Japanese.

EB started off as a simple sales journal in September 2007, but have now expanded our services to include many regular preorders for concert goods, stageplay goods, official shop photos, official merchandise, cd/dvd releases and more.

We do not take custom orders from Yahoo! Auctions JP, but feel free to make enquires should there be any items you would like to get hold of but isn't listed in our catalogue.

Soon we will be opening similiar services for fans of Kpop / Korean Ent. as well, on this very journal. So stay tuned!

This site is best viewed in Firefox. Do take a look around, and enjoy your stay here. :)

We have also employed a tag system and a general FAQ section to aid you in navigation.

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